The Family

   Well it's gets a bit complicated at times, but this is the basic gist!! 


Vikings (Carl Wayne, Bev Bevan  Ace Kefford)  Nightriders (Roy Wood)  Mayfair Set (Trevor Burton)


These gentlemen formed THE MOVE (which is basically what they did move)


Trevor and Ace both left THE MOVE to be replaced by Rick Price and Jeff Lynne.


While The Move was still a live band, a new one was formed which was the............ Electric Light Orchestra, The Move was closed as a band shortly after this.


Roy Wood and (Rick Price) left The Electric Light Orchestra to form Wizzard


Wizzard folded as a band but Roy continued with;  The Wizzo Band, then Roy Woods Helicopters, then Roy Woods Big Band, this was followed by Roy Woods Army, and the latest band Roy Woods Rock and Roll Band


The Electric Light Orchestra continued until ELO Part 2 was formed this was          without Jeff, but with a number of previous ELO members


                Bev left and the remaining members became Orchestra.


                Violinist Mik Kaminski had his own band while still with ELO called Violinski


                Jeff resurected Electric Light Orchestra with the album Zoom.


                Bev resurected his version of the Move, with Trevor Burton.


                Trevor has his own Trevor Burton Band


For those of you new to these bands this is really all you need to know, there is a lot more to it, but I won't confuse you :-)