When someone tells me that someone has recorded an album, covering Roy Wood’s songs, you have to be a little apprehensive. Sportin Wood by the Flashcubes is the name of the Album. It has 12 tracks HELLO SUZIE, FOREVER, BLACKBERRY WAY, GREEN GLASS WINDOWS, BRONTOSAURUS, GIVEN YOUR HEART AWAY, WILD TIGER WOMAN, CURLY, BALLPARK INCIDENT, I CAN HEAR THE GRASS GROW, RAIN CAME DOWN ON EVERYTHING, ON TOP OF THE WORLD.


So it was with hands half way over my ears (just in case) I listened to the first track which was Hello Suzie. Thankfully my greatest fear was put to bed. Well as most fans will know Hello Susie, was the opening track of The Move’s Shazam album, but also a hit for Amen Corner. When this track came on the dog woke up, hardly surprising, as this thunders in, and as a cover version it is excellent, it could be the move playing for all I know.


Forever is the next track, and when I saw this I thought OMG! If they mess this up I might have to sue them! What I will tell you is that it is a great effort of covering a very difficult song. The more I listen to it, once I have got over the initial shock of hearing someone else singing it, it is a really good version of the song, and it is growing on me all the time. See below!!


Blackberry Way is once again a good cover version, they take a lot of care and pay great respect to the original and that’s all you can ask. That said there are slight variations towards the end.


Now Green Grass Windows is interesting, because I think (I can feel the Woody fans backlash already) this is the first track I would actually prefer to Roy’s version. There are no backing vocals or repeat of the verse which I think improves the song. In my personal opinion.



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