Roy Wood Solo Albums


At the height of Wizzards sucess in August 1973, Roy released the album Boulders. This is a very difficult album to describe, in so may ways, and I will probably run out of adjectives to explain what the album is like!


Firstly, the well documented fact about this album is that it is a true solo album in every sense. Roy wrote the songs, except one instrument, played all the instruments, of which there are many, produced the album and even painted his portrait on the cover!


It's diverse to say the least, with an array of pop, (Wake Up, Nancy Sing Me a Song, All the Way Over the Hill"/"Irish Loafer (And His Hen))  love,  (Dear Elaine), sad, (Miss Clarke and the Computer), rock and roll, (Rock Medley: "Rockin’ Shoes"/"She's Too Good for Me"/"The Locomotive). Rock (Rock Down Low,) gospel, (Songs of Praise), and even a bit of comedy (When Gran'ma Plays the Banjo). Do you see what I mean?


The tracks below are the "Rock Medley" and  "Songs of Praise" was recorded by the New Seekers and reached the final for the British entry to the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest

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