If anyone asks me who is Roy Wood, it's simple I always reply "do you know the song I wish It could be Christmas Every day?"  Well Roy is the guy who sang and wrote it!


I just think it is sacralidge that Roy is only known for that one song by the masses. Not that Roy is complaining, because of the Royalties!


Roy had 2 No 1's while with Wizzard, See my Baby Jive and Angel Fingers, with Ball Park Incident and the Christmas one 4 hits in one year 1973.


While this was going on he also had 2 solo hits Dear Elaine and Forever.


Before this he helped form the group The Electric Light Orchestra, and stayed around for the first 1 and a bit albums.


Roys wonderful song writing talents first dawned with the Move. Writing several hit singles, including a number 1 Blackberry Way, and Flowers in the Rain, the first record to be played on Radio 1.  Ladies and gentlemen this is Roy Wood.

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