Thank you

The last time I had my web site it was ok. :-) I did a review on all the albums etc but I thought,  why listen to me rattle on about them when you can actually listen to them via You tube!


So I want to say a big thank you to all the Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne / ELO fans for their great you tube videos / audios which I hope brightens this web site up.


Please be patient as I start adding my pictures etc as they are stuck on a hard drive on my old PC!! I don't fancy scanning them all again but it might come to that :-(


Thanks to my friends Martin Kinch and Keith Sinclair for their help and chats.


Thanks to all my friends who have been so friendly since the invention of the net. Including the FB family.


Thanks to Lynn Hoskins for her mailing lists.


Hope you like the site.







Some other guy, can't remember his name :-)