Roy Wood Top 60...

1.Rock N Roll Winter

2.Raining in the City


4.California Man

5.Look through the Eyes of a Fool

6.See my Baby Jive

7.Fire Brigade

8.Flowers in the Rain

9.Dancin at the Rainbows End

10.Buffalo Station


11.Angel Fingers

12.Blackberry Way

13.This is the Story of My love

14.Oh What A Shame


16.Are you ready to Rock?

17.On the Road Again

18.New York City

19.The Song

20.French Perfume


21.We’re on the Road again

22.Going down the Road

23.Going down to Zero

24.Ballpark Incident


26.I can hear the grass grow

27.Under Fire

28.Rock Medley (boulders)

29.Dear Elaine

30.Songs of Praise

31.Why do such Pretty girls sing those sad songs


33.Indiana Rainbow

34.When Alice comes back from the farm

35.Night Of Fear

36.Kiss me goodnight Boadicea

37.Beautiful Daughter

38.Come Back Karen

39.Life is Wonderful

40.Here we Go round the Lemon Tree


41.Any old time will do

42.Useless Information

43.When Granma plays the Banjo

44.Jimmy Ladd

45.Got a crush about you


47.Main Street

48.The rain came down on everything

49.Miss Clarke and the Computer

50.Cherry Blossom Clinic


51.You got me Running

52.Waitin at this door

53.Get on down to Memphis

54.Whisper in the Night

55.Walk upon the water

56.Hello Susie

57.Eddy’s rock

58.The Rain came down on everything

59.I should have known

60.Lions Heart

Tried to do the impossible here, a Roy Wood Top 60!  I will change it from time to time, depending on your comments and how I feel. BTW Christmas songs only appear at Christmas!!

Boulders Eddie and the falcons Main st on the road again Mustard starting Up Super active Wizzo Wizzard Brew Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic Roy Wood pic ELO Top 60 click here